Children 's Needs For A Stable Home And A Loving Family Essays

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There are approximately one hundred and forty three million orphans in the world. “[All of those children], standing shoulder to shoulder, will go around the 10,913 mile perimeter of the USA nearly 4 times; they would reach around the Earth over 2 times; the entire Michigan University’s stadium could be filled with orphans 1,330 times” (Orphans). Few would dare to argue against every one of those children 's’ desperate need for a stable home and a loving family. Hearts of many thaw when the horrible conditions of parentless children are mentioned in conversations, shown on TV, or covered in the headlines of newspapers. People are outraged that such awful things are happening all over the world and they immediately cry out for change, but when the question of what kind of family that child is put in is presented, controversy quickly arises. A safe living environment, an income able to support the family, and parental love and guidance are the factors that all will agree are crucial for a child’s wellbeing. Yet, often something as insignificant as the gender of the parents makes many of the former child’s advocates draw back their enthusiasm and say that the child is better off alone. But if a homosexual couple can provide the same secure family that a heterosexual couple can, then why shouldn’t they be allowed the right to adopt children?
The laws regarding homosexuals’ right to adopt vary around the world. Same sex adoption is legal in fourteen countries. However, the entire…

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