Essay on Children 's Movies - Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs

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Children’s Movies – Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Almost everyone has seen at least one Disney film in their lifetime, especially at an early age, however have we paused to consider what these seemingly innocent animated films have taught us? Disney classics, such as Snow White, are one of the many films that could have shaped or opened up a children’s mind. The way each character speaks, acts, and even looks like serve a purpose in each film. Disney film Snow White has various characteristics that could teach children about expectations in our society.
The protagonist of the film is undoubtedly Snow White. She appears throughout the film and the plot seems to revolve around her. The movie opens up to show her scrubbing the Queen’s castle dressed in rags. A key characteristic of hers I spotted instantly was her constant cleaning throughout the film. In the beginning, she cleaned for the Queen and then offered to “keep house” for the seven dwarves. Her ability to cook and clean are greatly appreciated by the dwarves later on. One dwarf even said he’ll wash up if “it’ll please the princess” even though none of them seemed exultant about it. When Snow White first strolled into the dwarfs’ dirty house and observed its unkempt state she said “You’d think their mother would-”, however was cut off when she realized they could be orphans. This particular line rang bells in my head. This is a 1930’s film, so it has very old-fashioned values and beliefs. One of the beliefs being…

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