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The Queerness in Children’s Literature
The children 's literature were made and published for all children to encourage the love of reading. Parents are engaged in reading children books and literatures to their children to show their feelings about how much they adore their children. According to children 's literature, they are mostly symbolized as “youth”, “innocence” and “purity”. However, throughout this event, there is a diversity that was hidden behind the children’s literature.
The event “The Queerness in Children’s Literature”, provided the brief summary about how most authors provided sexual contents and identities in children 's literature. In 2000, Bobbie Combs released the homosexual novel called “ABC, A Family Alphabet Book”. The summary goes when each alphabet illustrates homosexual families and their children engaging in daily family activities. The second series of “ABC, A Family Alphabet Book”, called “1,2,3 A Family Book” includes the story about children counting the numbers one to twenty with LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) families. Then in 2009, Leslea Newman published the children books of “Daddy, Papa, and Me” and “Mommy, Mama, and Me”, to inform the readers learn about the sexual diversity. According to this event, it gave a strong message of how there should be no discrimination against homosexuality because they are also part of us. The homosexual contents were included in the children’s literature for the purpose, to let the…

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