Children 's Literature : Elementary School Essay

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In what ways were you invited to read children 's literature when you were in elementary school? Young adult literature when you were in middle and high school? What kinds of texts were used within these contexts?

My literacy history in elementary school is somewhat vague. Most of the classrooms had one reading center that included a stereo system and bulky headphones. The teacher would place us in groups of four in which we were required to listen to an audio recording of a story and follow along with the book. The reading center was the primary reading source in the classroom when it was not out of order. Occasionally, the teacher would read the weekly story aloud to the class. On a weekly basis, the class would visit the library where we were encouraged to check out a variety of books.

Although students were required to read more, my literacy history in middle school was not much better compared to elementary school. I do not recall visiting the school library much, but when we did go it was only to gather information for book reports and other classroom assignments. I was mostly exposed to young adult literature through a class termed, reading 101. I remember being required to read a variety of texts in this class, such as The Call of the Wild by Jack London and Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. The students would also take turns reading portions of the book in the classroom (round robin style).

My literacy history in high school was better by far. Although students…

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