Essay on Children 's Influence On Children

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Since 1949, cartoons have been a crucial aspect of society, especially for children. Young children can learn colors, shapes, sounds, and even inspire them to be imaginative. As they grow, they learn how things function in real life, learning about feelings and relationships in ways easy to understand. If cartoons are important to the development of children, then why are they censored and show unequal gender representation? While children’s television is primarily marketed towards kids, gender stereotyping and censorship of LGBT+ in the media affects how children view the world and the people in it. To reduce gender stereotyping and promote an accurate view of the world’s population, children’s media producers and creators should develop shows and films with equal gender representation without censorship of the peoples in them. For children, seeing themselves represented in media is important to their self image. If they see themselves portrayed in a certain way, they begin to associate that with themselves.Female characters are more often shown to be thin, younger and more sexualized than their male counterparts (Smith). Young children will grow to see themselves as too fat and lacking the beauty that the television is showing them. They will grow to see themselves as ugly and inadequate because they can not reach the airbrushed beauty hollywood shows. Even with the beautiful female characters, cartoons often do not have important roles for them in the shows. They serve…

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