Children 's Growth And Development Essay

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Children’s growth and development are fast when they grow. It is important to regular check children’s growth and development in order to find or prevent problems. The regular well child visit can prevent illness by scheduled immunization, track growth and development, raise concerns, counsel behaviors issues, nutrition, exercise, and unintentional injury, and build trust relationship among pediatrician, parents, and child (Lin, 2015). For adolescent, hormones trigger rapid and profound physical and sexual changes and these changes are primarily completed in late adolescent (18-21 years old). Late adolescent have developed and consolidated the physical, cognitive, emotional, and social experience (Hagan, Shaw, and Duncan, 2008). They begin to make decisions and engage in a variety of activities that may influence the rest of their lives. Annual wellness visit can screen and prevent problems, provide anticipatory guidance, and help them successfully transfer into adulthood.
S. Z. is a college freshman and moved into college on September 2016. He is facing a lot of things changing that are different with high school, which are very challenging and stressful. The annual wellness visit can keep him on healthy and provide pathways to transit into adulthood. According to Hagan, Shaw, and Duncan (2008), a fasting lipoprotein profile is need at least once in late adolescent. S. Z. had lipoprotein profile test on 2013 with normal results. Although his lipoprotein profile was normal…

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