Children 's Exposure On Domestic Violence Essay

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Kelly Richards (2011) describes and examines the issue of children 's exposure to domestic violence. It is discussed that children in Australia and internationally are increasingly witnessing violent behaviour between parents, which is now being considered as a form of child abuse. Richards (2011), further outlines and compares the stereotypical view to research literature in regard to how children “witnessing” domestic violence is defined. It was found that from a stereotypical view children witnessing domestic violence is a child simply observing a fight either physical or verbal between parents. However, in contrast research literature presents that a child witnessing domestic violence involves a wide range of incidents, for example a child defending a parent against the violence that is occurring (2011, p.1). Richards (2011) further asserts that there are multiple adverse effects that children are likely to experience if exposed to domestic violence. These effects range from psychological and behavioural impacts including eating disorders and suicide attempts, right through to health and socioeconomic impacts. Although this issue is seen to be of significant concern Richards (2011), acknowledges that there are several restraints that make assessing the extent of children’s exposure to domestic violence a complex process. Multiple restraints include the type of data that is needed is rarely collected, and also domestic violence incidents themselves being…

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