Children 's Education : Teachers Play An Important Role Essay

1486 Words Jul 16th, 2015 null Page
In regards to children’s education, teachers play an important role. Since the No Child Left Behind Act was signed into law in 2002, many people have been concern about children’s learning and academic achievement, especially parents and educators. In fact, teachers are always trapped in “teaching dilemmas” because each teaching method has different levels of pros and cons for students. Wiggins and McTighe (2005) suggested that for all of the choices that teachers have during a day of instruction, many fit into the category of a “dilemma” where there is no easy or perfect solution to pick. It only a series of difficult options with tradeoffs associated with each. Additionally, each instructional choice has advantages and disadvantages that teachers have to weigh and consider before a choice is made. On one hand, some teachers teach their lessons in an interesting way, but they fail to meet the goals and standards. On the other hand, some teachers only focus on meeting the goals of the curriculum, but they fail to make the class interesting. In other words, balancing “effective” and “engaging” seems challenging for teachers. In fact, teachers set high expectation for students in learning academic contents within the curriculum and they want the students to be able to develop their understanding and skills effectively. However, many teachers struggle with whether to use traditional teaching methods, such as direct instruction or text-based, or to use non-traditional teaching…

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