Children With The Childhood Obesity Epidemic Essay

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Individuals and societies link to the childhood obesity epidemic

Sociologists today believe that the obesity epidemic holds the responsibility to annihilate a staggering amount of the health benefits that have been associated with the rising childhood obesity epidemic recognised in the world today (Must, A., & Strauss, R. S. (2015). In 2015, approximately 41 million children below the age of 5 were affected by overweight or obesity. Today, progress in extinguishing childhood obesity has been gradual and conflicting. A substantial number of children even before birth are on the brink of becoming obese. Children are becoming more and more familiar with Body mass index(BMI)calculator which measures weight over height and used for their early stages of childhood obesity to track overweight patterns, today they are at an all high of developing obesity.
Society ‘s norms today presents the needs of the children with diligent marketing skills and low cost product. Childhood obesity is today labelled as a stigma due to the prevalence of the epidemic. Lack of nutrition in early childhood places children at an all high warning of developing obesity when food and physical activity arrangements concur. Many countries now face the strain of hunger in all its categories, with concerns with the increasing rates of childhood obesity as well as an unsubstantial amount of persevered nutrition.
A social movement is prominent as childhood obesity is often secluded as a public health issue in…

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