Children With Schizophrenia And The Majority Were Males, By Dr. Owen

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Department of Psychology stated that it is surprising to see in most films reviewed, the characters with schizophrenia were Caucasian, and the majority were males, which doesn’t match actual research (Patricia 2015). According the Dr. Owen, lead of the department of psychology at Mary Ainsworth State, she did not expect the movies to depict such a high suicide rate, portraying people with schizophrenia to have supernatural abilities, and giving so much reference to medications and treatments. She noted, however, that the high number of depictions of people with this disorder as being violent did not surprise her. (2015, Dr. Owen)
According to Dr. Owen, There are not many big-budget, mainstream movies that accurately represent people with schizophrenia and bi-polar disorder. Most of these movies are inaccurate and add to the stigma of these disorders. Hollywood continues to add to the negative stereotypes that surround these disorders, and the people who suffer from them. Dr Owen also said she believes it will be challenging for Hollywood to accurately depict these disorders in a big-budget film, and still continue to be entertaining. She also noted that there are some movies with accurate depictions of these disorders. “Movies she recommended as showing a realistic and sympathetic representation of the disorder include The Soloist, Canvas, and Some Voices, with Daniel Craig. She also suggested Clean, Shaven — but as a teaching tool and not for the general public.”…

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