Children With Poisonous Bleach As A Cure Essay

1260 Words Oct 28th, 2016 6 Pages
This drug is one of the most horrifying things I’ve researched because the website is full of convincing claims and statistics that are completely fake. There are so many people who have been physically and emotionally tortured by ingesting this poison, and many of them are just looking for an alternative cure. I can’t imagine a nonverbal autistic child being given MMS baths and enemas without wondering how all of these administrators are not in jail for torture or medical malpractice. It also confuses me that there are parents who won’t vaccinate their children because they believe the false claims that medically regulated vaccines cause autism, yet parents who have autistic children would have no problem injecting their children with poisonous bleach as a cure.
The website lures customers in with the level of confidence in the product. They report that everything about the product is amazing and safe and the government just doesn’t want a cure for any of these diseases to benefit the health insurance companies. Many cancer patients cannot afford cancer treatments, medications, and the constant doctor appointments that follow. This “miracle drug” promises all of the benefits without any pain for a fraction of the cost.
Many patients with HIV or various STDs are terrified that they might die and are humiliated by the stigma of their illness. The thought that they can just take MMS pills or liquid gives them false hope that the doctors have been lying and someone who…

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