Children With High Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder Essay

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Humans are relational beings. Psychopathology is defined by behaviors that are outside the norm as determined by a dominate culture. As such, relations are very important in conceptualizing a client. This is particular true with children, their success in counseling is often not measured by them, but by the adults in their life. I think humans relate to each other and create meaning through narratives and interactions I believe this is one reason a children with high functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder has difficulty with peers. A child with ASD has difficulty sharing their narrative and interacting with others. An individual’s genetic pre-dispositions influence the manner in which they interact within the world and with others. I have previously addressed the system constraints of a school psychologist. School psychologist have to navigate a school systems which includes: administrators, teachers, and parents. My job within this system is to advocate for the child, they are my client. Use of my emerging theory acknowledge that humans are relational, I need to develop relationships with administrators, teachers, and parents to better serve my client, the student. Bronfenbrenner’s ecological theory is especially pertinent within a school system.
Both the theory and efficacy of cognitive therapy has been extensively researched. Cognitive therapy has demonstrated efficacy in treating several disorders. Narrative therapy is an emerging postmodern theory as such,…

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