Children With Depression And Their Satisfaction With The Quality Of Care

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In this article, the authors: Terrance V. McCann, Dan I. Lubman wanted to achieve the goal of this study, by evaluating young people with depression and their satisfaction with the quality of care they receive from a primary care youth mental health service: a qualitive study. Understanding this study is important because it will help with the appropriate primary care and early intervention for young people who suffers from depression and other mental health issues. The results will not only help improve faculty employer’s interactions and care for these youths, but it would also provide future re-engagement and help those with mental health problems to recover and live healthier lives.
Depression is very common and critical amongst our younger society. Despite the issues of mental health problems, many have come across difficulties in accessing appropriate services. “Despite such high rates, young people with depression and other mental health problems often fail to recognize the severity of their situation and delay professional help-seeking “(Wright et al. 2005, Reavley et al. 2010). However, majority of the young people had avoided seeking help, due to embarrassment, or from other limitations. In 2006, a range of primary care services were developed. These primary services were to not only help with mental health, but also with one’s general health, education, and employment, and or any other type of drug/ alcohol related issues. However, there has been limited…

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