Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder Essay

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Also early intervention improved speech in children with autism spectrum disorder (Hansel, 2013). Also if ABA therapy is successful it can decrease the need for remediation later on in life. There are several different styles of ABA therapy depending on the therapist or even school districts that the child receives therapy in.
The most common type is discrete trial training. Discrete trial training “is a style of teaching that uses a series of trials to teach each step of a desired behavior or response. (2015)” Tasks are broken down into steps to make this easier for a child on the spectrum to perform. The child then proceeds through the steps and receives positive reinforcement if the desired behavior is achieved. If the child preforms an undesired behavior that behavior is ignored or receives a negative reinforcement. For example, a teacher is teaching a child with autism to tie their shoes. The process is first broken down into easy steps so that the child can perform them without assistance. If the child preforms the task correctly they could receive a piece of candy and praise. If the child does not preform the desired behavior they receive nothing or are ignored.
The next option is early intensive behavioral intervention. This is an ABA therapy that is more form young children who have been just diagnosed with autism. This allows them to have intense therapy so that they can perform tasks alone when they become older. This many decrease the…

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