Essay on Children With Asperger 's Syndrome

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In this short part of my story I want people with Asperger’s syndrome to know that there truly is hope in the world. That there is a light they can look for that can take them out of their despair and that they don’t need to give up. I also want to relate this to students and to a school council. The school can influence them to do greatness and help them to achieve. The students shouldn’t make fun of them, but instead so true selfless friendship. They can overcome but they need the help of the teachers and as well as life long friendships. I love helping out people who are struggling with the isolation and the deficient of Asperger’s syndrome. Now In studying this project I have realized that there is other people who are going through the same struggle as I. In my project I have been in a therapy group of young boys who are struggling with the same experience I went through. I heard their stories of wrath and anger and have noticed that it sounds like me from my past. I was the leader of the group and I simply told them that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and that is your hope, and it can be attainable. In my Project I plan to make a conference meeting with the teachers to explain to them how they can better understand us and as well, to explain in depth how you can redirect their focus on the class. From my findings I wish only for the teachers to see the students with these struggles not as a burden or a hindrance, but instead as a blessing. Now the other…

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