Children With A Genetic Disorder Essay

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A child can be born with a genetic disorder but its the mothers love and care that impacts a child 's development. Nurturing a child early on in life may aid the child with the development of a larger hippocampus, the region of the brain responsible for learning, memory and, stress. Research has shown that early maternal support has had a successful effect on young children. A connection was found between early social experiences and the volume of the amygdala, which is responsible for the regulation and processing the memory of emotional reactions. Studies have also shown that children raised in a nurturing environment typically do better in school and are more emotionally developed, unlike the relationship between Kevin Khatchadourian and his mother Eva. Lionel Shriver, the author of We Need To Talk About Kevin, shows how a mothers love and care can impact a child’s development. The novel is based upon letters from the killers mother, Eva, to her distant husband, Franklin. The book explores the trials of maternity and the traumatic impact it can have on marriage, the ambivalence a mother has for her child and how it impacts development, and how children are heavily influenced by their surrounding environments. Maternity can have a significant impact on marriage and home life. Studies have shown that couple are their happiest in the years soon after they wed and they anticipate the arrival of children. Although, when romantic date nights and breaks on the weekends are…

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