Essay on Children Who Suffer From Insomnia

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Sophia yells “I can’t fall asleep.” Her mom says to herself “here we go again”. It is one those night that her nine year old is standing by her mother 's bedside late at night because she having trouble falling asleep. As her mother ask what’s wrong, Sophia responds that she cannot stop thinking about what happened today. Although Sophia start over think everything from to what happened in school, and to what was on the news that day this is one of the most common symptoms for insomnia. Sophia hasn’t not been to any doctor or taken any medication to help her fall asleep, although Sophia is only nine years-old she is one of 60 million people who suffer from a sleeping disorder. (Lamont, Renee T.)

Sophia’s story is no different that other people who suffer from insomnia, which has become more common in today’s society and can affect any age group. From Sophia we can relate to nights where we find ourselves tossing and turning unable to fall asleep. Few people know that insomnia is a sleeping disorder, that is broken down into three different types. With new studies that have come out, there are new treatments that are more effective than others to prevent some of the symptoms and provide relief to suffers. Insomnia has been categorized as a sleeping disorder, affecting about 50 percent of the population in the US, but now there are new treatments to help with the symptoms to provide relief for people so they can live normal lives.

Even though millions suffer from insomnia…

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