Essay Children Who Kill

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Jon Venables and Robert Thompson:
Children who kill
Letia Bland
Tiffin University
Assignment #1
Dr. Joyce Hall-Yates

The Juvenile justice system has changed over the years. Before the first establishment of this system, courts and judges treated juveniles as adults and sometimes received the same punishment as adults. For many years, there were debates on if children before the age of 21 were responsible for their actions seeing as they aren’t fully capable of understanding their actions. This murder of Jamie Bulger created an uproar all over the world on children at such a young age know right from wrong and also violence. Backgrounds, and family upbringing and violence in the media had played a
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After eight years both of them eighteen were paroled on a Life Licence which meant immediate incarceration if they break any terms of their release, or seen as a danger to the public. They were not allowed to contact each other or the Bulger family, they were prohibited from visiting the region on where Bulger had grew up, they had a curfew and they must report to their probation officers. Breaking any of the rules would make them liable to be returned to prison. It had stated upon their release that neither of the two boys wanted to be released out of the fear for their safety. The parents of the children received threats on a daily basis and there were also reports on the two mothers being attacked on the streets. The two were provided with false identities to rebuild their lives.
The public blamed their parents for their children’s behavior. Thompson and Venables both grew up with similar backgrounds. They both had parents who were separated, and each had learning problems and also problems with behavior. Both of them also had trouble with attendance. They shoplifted, and both were violent, which all lead up to their broken lives. Neighbors had stated that the boys would shoot pigeons heads off with an air gun and they tied up rabbits to railroad tracks, and also had incidents in the classroom where other children were being assaulted. Some articles had stated Venables family was the

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