Children, Vaccines And Safety Essay

2424 Words Oct 11th, 2016 10 Pages
Tatyana Andriyesh
English 1202
September 29, 2016

Children, Vaccines and Safety Many people as they get older hope to someday have kids and with kids comes a lot of responsibility. Its starts off with preparing for the babies arrival, they imagine the things they have to buy, the things they have to do and once the baby comes they are hoping it is all over, but it is not. It starts with going to the doctor for the one month check up, and then the two month, four, six, nine and so forth. With all these doctors visits doctors are continually pressuring parents to vaccinate their children and when parents say no, or that they are not interested doctors get upset, tell them they are bad parents, and sometimes even drop them as patients. Vaccines are not safe and parents should have a right to have a choice in vaccinating their babies with the approval of their doctors. Vaccine history dates back to 1976 by a man named Edward Jenner (Humphries). A doctor from England first discovered a vaccine for smallpox. It started off with dairymaids contracting cowpox and then there being rumors that those who had cowpox could no longer contract smallpox, so Edward Jenner created a vaccine taking pus from the belly of a cow. Back then they did not have the technologies that we do today so they did not know whether a person had smallpox, chickenpox, or monkeypox so the vaccine did not have the smallpox virus in it but rather an animal pox virus (Humphries). A town in England was…

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