Children Should Not Get Tough On Juvenile Crime Essay

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Nowadays many kids are begin put in prison systems. Children have to serve time in adult prisons for offenses they committed during their childhood. Kid’s brain aren’t fully developed during the adolescent stage of their lives and should not be held harshly accountable for mistakes they have during their early years. For some offenses there should be harsher punishment such as repeat offenses or in murder cases. Kids should not have things that happened in their childhood haunt them in the adult life, which causes them to not get good jobs and be a model citizen. In a segment by Richard E. Redding wrote “Beginning in the 1980’s, many states passed legal reforms designed to get tough on juvenile crime”. These reforms lowered the minimum age for transfer, increased the number of transfer eligible offenses, or expanded protectoral discretion and reduced judicial discretion in transfer decision making (Juvenile Transfer). Enforcement of tougher restriction upon minors for crimes was meant to lower the rates of juvenile crime .Logically thinking if a minor knew they would get a harsher punishment for offenses it would cause them to think twice before committing a crime. Studies show that although there are stricter laws the incarnation rate has increased. What type of factors could cause this increases? Many of these factors are related to race, gender, setting, background and many other critical factors. All of these factors should be considered before a minor is convicted of a…

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