Children Should Not Be Public Schools Essay

1321 Words Nov 29th, 2015 null Page
It is often said that unvaccinated children should not be allowed in public schools. So many Americans have been poisoned to the idea that vaccinations are good for their children, they will prevent them from future diseases and keep them healthy and safe forever. More Americans now are vaccinating their kids than ever before, mostly due to this new law about unvaccinated kids not being allowed in public schools. Even parents who don 't believe in vaccinations are being forced to poison their children with this chemical just to send them to school. While they rarely admit as much, people that vaccinate their kids often take for granted the damage that the vaccination can cause. In the discussion of vaccinations and public schools, one controversial issue has been, unvaccinated children should not be allowed in public schools. On the other hand, some people believe kids should not be vaccinated, while others maintain that all kids should be vaccinated. My own view is that vaccination is up to the parent of the child, vaccination or not, all children should be allowed into public schools. In the article Only Three-Fourths of Americans Believe Childhood Vaccinations Should be Mandatory, or HarrisPoll-Vaccinesvy, the author, PR Newswire, gives many percentages and statistics on the topic. The main reason for that article is to state that over three-fourths of Americans are for child vaccinations. PR Newswire tells us that, “Vaccination concernsWhile over three-fourths of U.S.…

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