Children Should Not Be Prison For Life Essay

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All kids are in charge of their actions but is it irresistible to give them life in prison. If we give kids life how are they to learn from their mistakes. All we do when we put them in jail for life is killing them. We shouldn’t waste perfectly could lives when there are circumstances that interfere with their learning. Kids should not be put in jail because the system is failing the kids who are getting abused, families influencing kids of making bad decisions and lastly kids brains are not developed.
The system is failing the kids, putting them in jail for too much time and not pulling them out of their situation before it is too late. Juveniles should not be put in jail for life just because the system didn’t do their job to save the kids. In the movie When Juveniles get Life there was one kid named Jacob who killed his parents because they sexual abused him. His big brother moved out and got away from the abuse, but Jacob was all alone. He talked to a social worker to watch out for his brother but they didn’t. Since the social worker didn’t have the resources to save Jacob, he is now serving a life sentence in prison for the murder of his parents. If social workers did their job they could have saved three people 's lives but now a boy who was trying to protect himself and had no one else to rely on, is rotting in a jail cell where his parents should be. A second situation was with Nate, he was sexually abused by his mom, he murdered her and tried to hide the body. His…

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