Children Should Not Be Paid To Do Chores Essay

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Children Should Not Be Paid To Do Chores

Should children grow up with the motivation of money? Parents reward children for learning how to grow up and take care of themselves. Parents have done everything in their mind that they could do for their children. Knowing that they care for their children that much, should the children motivation be making their parents happy? By examining the responsibility of children, how much parents need help around the house, and learning how to manage money it is clear that children should not be paid to do chores.
Children need to grow up knowing how to do simple tasks! Sweeping, doing the dishes, doing the laundry, taking care of animals, does not come with pay when you are older. Children need to understand the responsibility of work around the house and paying
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Parents should not be left to do all of the work around the house. They provide everything for their children and they go out of the way to get it done! The least children could do to help them out is to do chores around the house. An article from scholastic says,”Good for you for stepping up and offering to pitch in. But Dad and I won’t be paying you to do this work. Nobody pays Dad to do the laundry, make lasagna, and mop the floors. And I'd be a millionaire if I got paid every time I did the dishes, took out the garbage, or drove you and your brother to school.” This excerpt from the article shows that although parents want to be nice, they need their child to realize how the real world works. The article, “Don’t pay your kids to do chores” by Elisabeth Leamy from The Washington Post states that, “ Parenting experts argue that children should help out around the house because it's the right thing to do, not because they make money at it.”. Children should not expect money out of their parents, they are doing their job and now it is time for the children to start

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