Children Should Not Be Afraid Of Marriages Essay

1093 Words Mar 2nd, 2016 null Page
In these days, society and media tend to display more unfaithfulness and unhappiness when it comes to marriage. Unfortunately, because of this, younger generations take marriages for granted, believing they can just get out of a marriage through divorce or that marriages are not important or necessary. However, although many fear life-long commitments and may not see the point of such a strong devotion to someone else, young people should not be afraid of marriages, because they need to learn to become responsible and face the realities of life. Among the responsibilities young people need to face, learning how to dedicate one’s self to one person and purpose is an important one. Marriage is a commitment meant to last a lifetime, and if someone is not completely devoted to the relationship, then that person has not learned the value of sticking with something through thick and thin. Without a commitment, without a true devotion to someone or something, a person leaves room to run away. For example, if someone were to jump into a relationship and marriage thinking that everything will be fine as long as he or she were to pull out when things begin to go downhill, that person is already setting themselves up for failure. Thinking about divorce as soon as one considers marriage would mean that there are still aspects of the relationship the individual is not happy with and cannot stand, so they leave room to escape from having to deal with hardship. However, if two people…

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