Children Playing in Competitive Sports Essay

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Children should experience the values of playing in a competitive sport. Playing a competitive sport at a younger age will benefit the child in the future with either the mental learning of confidence or physical advantage that can give them many opportunities to becoming successful. Children learn discipline, striving for challenges, working with others and it build s confidence. Sports give the child an activity to do and not being influenced by troubling distractions that come as they get older. Children learn more at a younger age and can give them a better advantage when competing in sports.
Parents encouraging their children to get involved in competitive sports are giving them an early learning path of life skills. Discipline is an
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So, go ahead -- the best you is yet to come” (20). The challenge to being the best is the easy part but keeping that determination is harder in the long run. I believe it key to teach children to challenge everything they do because in the end it does make them better people and goals can be set.
Playing on a team forces a child to work with others and learn not only their own weaknesses and strengths but dealing with others weaknesses and strengths as well. Kathiann M. Kowalski acknowledges, “Competition helps you learn to get along with others. You learn to play by the rules. If you compete as part of a team, you learn about taking turns. You want teammates to get a fair chance to play too. That way, everyone has fun” (17). If a child learns this skill early then they will be well prepared to work with others when they have a career in the future. Some parents do feel that in many cases children tend to become over competitive against one another or their team in general. A child that is too young can become over competitive and forget about the rules and then it becomes unsatisfying to the point that they do not want to play anymore. Kowalski points out, “Kids who are too competitive may also feel frustrated. Remember that no one wins everything in life all the time. ‘They should realize that it is just a game,’ says Mark” (17). Parents have to also constantly remind their child or children that it is a fun activity and should not become the reason why

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