Children Of The Street Children Essay

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“When my father got drunk he would hit me... He did it just because he felt like it… That’s when I began thinking I was nothing more than a burden. A few years later I decided to run away” (Brown). This is the story about 15 year old Crisanto a street child in Manila. After running away, he joined a gang, sniffed glue, and slept every night at the cemetery. Every day millions of children are exposed to the hazards of living on the streets.To get homeless children off the streets in Manila, facilities by the Department of Social Welfare (DSWD) need to be implemented in order to provide safety for the street children.
Children that end up on the streets in Manila are forced to endure torture and inhumane treatment while trying to survive. In one instance, a boy, when rescued, was found covered in sores and eczema. He was struggling to survive (Rescued boy). Everyday children face the same experiences as this boy. They are forced to deal with fighting and disease just so that they can stay living. In addition to children struggling with severe diseases they are also forced to eat whatever they can find. A boy in Manila, explains a story of how he picked food from out of the trash, and had to constantly keep moving because he had no where to stay (Ex-Street Kid Weeps). These conditions are ones that no child, or human being should ever have to go through. No child should have to wonder where their next meal is coming from or if they even will have a next meal. Children should…

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