Children Of Illegal Immigrants Should Not Be Legal Essay

763 Words Oct 16th, 2016 4 Pages
Undocumented immigrant students are obligated, as are all other students, to attend school until they reach the age mandated by state law. Many people may argue that this should not be the case. Some may prefer that children of illegal immigrants should not be able to receive a public education and should have to pay for the education that they receive. However, these students should not be denied an education because they are not able to provide the proper documents. No matter how you look at the situation you can agree that an education is needed to become successful later on in life. Education is a necessity. Those same children should be able to grow up and have an education in order to financially support their family. They will also need an education to ultimately become an adequate member of society. Another reason children of immigrants should have the chance to attend public school is due to the fact that students who are in school are less likely to be interacting in crime, gang activity, and or drugs. The last key aspect that supports my main idea is the American dream. Most immigrants make the hard journey to come to America in hopes to gain the opportunity to become anything they could possibly imagine. Children no matter if they are documented or undocumented should have the right to a public education.
In 1982 the Supreme Court ruled in Plyer v. Doe that all undocumented children have the same right to attend public primary and secondary schools. This…

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