Children Of Illegal Immigrants And The United States Essay

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As of 2015, there were 73.6 million children under the age of 18 in the United States (“NUMBER OF CHILDREN…”). Of those 73.6 million children, 5.5 million of them have at least one parent that is an illegal or undocumented immigrant in the United States (Cohn and Passel). That is 13% of the children in the United States. Even if all children of illegal immigrants were born in the United States they would still live a more complicated life than children of native-born parents. While the education, problems, financial circumstances, and family structure of immigrant and native-born children have some similarities, they also have differences that makes the life of an immigrant child harder than the life of a native- born child.
The education of children of illegal immigrants and children of poor native-born parents have some similarities, but they are also different. Children of illegal immigrants have the same educational right as a child of native-born parents. The U.S. Constitution backs up this statement. The Constitution states that all children have an equal opportunity to education no matter their race, sex, religion, financial status or if they are a citizen or not (“YOUR RIGHT TO EQUALITY IN EDUCATION”). Even though both children have this right, children of illegal immigrants do not get the same treatment. Children of illegal immigrants, who cannot speak English well, are put into bilingual programs that separate them from the rest of the school (Hernandez 435). In…

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