Children Of Hunger, And Diseases Essay examples

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Every 3 seconds, a child dies of hunger, and diseases. A child in poverty is difficult to find; therefore, requires a lot of attention and support. There are 87,000 children in poverty who are in need of support. But the society is trying to avoid and refusing to acknowledge the problems.
Children in poverty get a growth issue by affecting a child physically, psychologically, and socially.

Poverty and malnutrition have an effect on a child’s physical development. Some impoverished children are born with birth defects and increase their risk of hospitalization. They get born smaller, thinner, and weaker than richer children. Because of the less protein that was received while the babies were in vitro, this leads to a slower growth rate. Also, a number of children with birth defects suffer from tooth decay. When tooth decay was left untreated, it can lead to pain, abscesses, infection and difficulties while eating. Diseases are the reason why indigent children are increasing the risk of hospitalization. A child with a low immune system is more open to diseases. Some indigent children are living in an unsanitary environment which can lead to developing asthma. Stresses cause the children to develop heart disease, hypertension, and chronic disease. Malnutrition is the key cause for the negative physical impact of poverty on a child. In order, to keep a child healthy, the key point is the nutrient. When a child in poverty cannot afford to have organic food because it is so…

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