Children Of Children And Children Essays

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As a result of the turmoil, social evil, violence and marital conflicts in the society today the number of orphans and neglected children has increased. Children have a right to a decent upbringing and protection. It is a family and a community role to provide for our children morally and open-handedly. Many children across the country go through being neglected, abused, and a lot of dangers posed to them by the severely changing morally. It is a tough society we have found ourselves in. Some society members are willing to take children in off the streets. Some member will accept children that have been neglected in the community and give them a decent upbringing. Most of the times these children tell a different story, a story of suffering and abuse by the people who intention is to care for them. Children adaptation and foster care is a sensitive subject in most of our communities. However, there are genuine people out there with big hearts who have touched the life of a neglected child positively. Some people will go above and beyond their limit to make a child they did not know happy and content with life. But truth to be told, these people are a rare breed and very rare to be found and indeed they are. Most orphaned children end up being adopted by willing parents or taken into foster care institutions and families. In both private homes and public institutions despite the government creating policies and regulations to protect the children they still find themselves…

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