Children, Neglected Child, And Dependent Child Essay

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This research paper will discuss the terms delinquent child, neglected child, and dependent child. This paper is being made so that people can have a better understanding of the terms and what they mean. Comparison and contrasting of each term will be followed as the topic are being applied. The comparison of delinquent, neglected and dependent child, is that they fall under the cause of parent involvement. Everything that the child is going through is because there isn’t a parent figure in their life. They differ because a delinquent child has a parent involvement as to a dependent child who has absolutely no one and a neglected child has a minimal of both parent involvement and none.
What is a delinquent child? American Corrections defines the terms as, “A child who has committed an offense that would be a crime if committed by an adult.” (Wadsworth, 2012, pg.437.) Child delinquency is by far one of the largest cases being handles in the Criminal Justice Juvenile Courts. Juvenile delinquency in 1997 estimated 181,300 delinquents being less than the age of 13. (Farrington, 2003 Child delinquency, pg.2.) Many offense that these minors commit may be violent crimes, rape, vandalism, sex offenses and burglary. Some causes of delinquency can be the enlargement of a family structure, the more children a parent takes care of the less attention he or she may put and the results show in the crimes of a child.
Early Intervention and Prevention of Child Delinquency research will show…

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