Children Living With An Incarcerated Parents Essay

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“The United States leads the world in rates of incarceration with more than one in every 100 adults in America in jail and prison” (The Annie E. Casey Foundation, 2015). With rates so high, it is critical that policies and programs in America offer help and support to not only the incarcerated parents, but also the children that are dramatically effected by a love one locked away. It is extremely important because, “…most female inmates are mothers of minor children, and many are single parents” (The Annie E. Casey Foundation, 2015). This meaning more children do not have another parent to go to so they are forced to bounce within the foster care system. Children living with an incarcerated parent can lead to the child’s welfare to decrease, with emotions, behaviors, and cycles to be continued.
Every social work tries to protect those that are mistreated, those suffering from oppression, and poverty, and many other social issues. The United States have an extreme amount of parents living in the prison and jail systems, but social workers also need to look at the little ones also effected; the children. Not only do adults have Bill of Rights, but so do children in America. According to the Children of Incarcerated Parents Bill of Rights, it states, “I have the right to be kept safe and informed at the time of my parents’ arrest. I have the right to be heard when decisions are made about me. I have the right to be heard when decisions are made about me. I have the right to be…

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