Children From Low Income And Academic Performance Essay example

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Some may not want to believe that the world revolves around money, but it does. Goals in life cannot be taken anywhere without money. Money is the most important thing when it comes to quality education. The children from low Income families academic performance is highly affected. Low Income families struggle with educating their children. They do not have the sources to continue education at home. They lack necessities at home that are important when it comes to education, such as internet,textbooks,class trips that require payments, and utensils. Income and wealth affect educational outcomes in a number of ways. Income has a direct impact on the affordability and accessibility of those educational services which charge fees or if transport and other costs are significant. Low-income students as a group have performed than high-income students on most measures of academic success (Jensen). Family income level affects academic performance. Schools can help students and provide them with what they need to reach their academic achievement. A family’s income definitely does affect the ability and the quality of education a child receives. When the money is tight in the family there are more important needs that need to be met. Education becomes on the bottom of the priority list. Children 's education should never be on the bottom of a parent 's priority list but low income families do not have a choice.Childs that come from low income family has more responsibility than…

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