Children From Broken Homes : Behavioral, Academic And Social Problems

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A person’s childhood is a very important and fragile time of every person life. Children shouldn’t be raise in certain conditions that may affect them later on in life. My hypothesis is that I believe children from broken homes get behavioral, academic and social problems because of their unhealthy relationship between them and their parents. I will be testing my hypothesis by naturalistic observation, giving out a questionnaire, and doing individual case studies on both children and parents. I would hope that my hypothesis will correlate to my results at the end of the experiments.

Children in Broken Homes Parents or care givers are an important part of a person’s childhood and adolescence. They are the first people that a child meets after they are born. Children’s actions, behavior and beliefs reflect from people who are in their everyday lives. As children become adults and they are able to make decisions, what they learned from their care givers will somehow remain with them forever. However, when children are being raised in broken homes, the same thing is happening, they learn from the person in charge. A broken home can mean different things. It can be divorced parents, the loss of a parent, parents who are constantly in argument and even step-parents. Numerous of studies were conducted to observe children in different cases of broken homes. Observing the behavior of children from…

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