Children From An Early Age Essay

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Throughout the human evolution, human development during infancy has clearly shown the need for parental supervision. Unlike some animals which can self-sufficient themselves from an early age, a human infant cannot survive on its own once it is out in the world. They require care and supervision to an extend time until they are ready to self-sufficient on its own. From the beginning of the human existence, mothers and infants shared a close physical contact, even during their sleep. The mother would provide warmth, nutrition, and protection to the infant for their essential survival. Thus, the practice is referred to as, co-sleeping (Thoman, 2006).

However, during the recent society where promoting independence to children from an early age is a common practice, co-sleeping between parent and child became more a matter of choice for the mother than a behavior pattern required for the infant’s survival (Thoman, 2006). From this point, co-sleeping became one of the continuous controversy debate in parenting and human development research. People began to debate about whether the infant should co-sleep with an adult caregiver, typically the mother, or should sleep separately in a different environment. However, during the last century, there has been profound findings of the importance of co-sleeping and the benefits of its outcomes to both the parents and children. Moreover, the recognition of the effects of co-sleeping with Sudden Infant Death Syndrome…

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