Children : Children And Children Essay

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Many do not understand why Autistic children need to receive different education than other children. This understanding is wrong because Autistic children learn at a different rate than the average child. Autistic children have the right to attend a proper school that will benefit them with their learning. Even if there are schools specially built for Autistic children, they are built far away from the homes of Autistic children families. These children have the right to get an proper education just like any other childe attending school. Also having public schools more Autistic-friendly, this will help the parents with Autistic children so that they would not have to send their children far to attend school. Being able to afford for their children to enroll in a school would help out the parents of Autistic children more. There is a program that has being created to help Autistic children and their families with education called National Autistic Society. Many public schools are not Autistic- friendly for these children in which they should be because of the IDEA. Public schools are unjust because of the effected way of teaching Autistic children. Some parents are not able to afford to send their Autistic children to. To help the parents out the IDEA (Individual with Disabilities Education Act) passed an act in 1900’s. The acted passed “was designed to protect the rights of students with disabilities by ensuring that everyone receives a free appropriate public…

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