Children Being Diagnosed With Autism After Receiving A Vaccination

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In recent years, vaccinations in children have become a controversial topic to the general public. Individuals, over time, have made remarks time and time again in an attempt to condemn vaccines in children. Among these comments, there have been falsified accounts of children being diagnosed with autism after receiving a vaccination. In every developed country, there is a high standard of health that must be kept; however, this standard of heath at risk in the United States. Children, under the decision of their parents, are being subjected to unnecessary risks. Against a physician’s recommendation, parents are not letting their children be vaccinated at a young age because they believe there may be certain unfavorable outcomes. This leaves the child with a chance of contracting a contagious disease that could possibly become life threatening. Parents with unvaccinated children believe that they will be safe enough due to the majority of the population having had vaccinations in their youth. However, this must not be left up to chance, and the parents must stop endangering their child by avoiding vaccines. Although many diseases have almost been completely eradicated, or so citizens seem to think, vaccinations have kept outbreaks to a minimum in our society. Regardless of arguments, vaccines are a safeguard against contagions; therefore, vaccinations should be mandatory in children. Since the conception of the modern vaccine, many viruses that use to plague everyday life…

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