Children Are Too Strong And Agile Essay

1013 Words Oct 5th, 2015 null Page
Imagine sitting in your home watching television on your comfortable couch with your brother or sister, son or daughter. You are snacking on popcorn watching the latest episode of your favorite show and the child laughs at the silly cartoon character on the screen. All of the sudden, large men with weapons knock down your front door. They are all carrying tranquilizers, nets, and guns. You try to protect the young child sitting next to you, but that men are too strong and agile. You watch as your sibling or child is taken out of your home, screaming and crying for you, but there is nothing you can do. You watch from your yard as other children in your neighborhood are ripped from their homes and thrown into a cage. You see the father of one child run after one of the assailants, but the father is shot and killed. The attacker picks up the body of the dead father to move to a stack of other bodies of people who resisted. After the men finish locking the children in their cages, torches are fired up. The men begin to burn the bodies of the children’s relatives. The children are transported to a larger cage where they will spend the rest of their short life alone or with other, aggressive children. They are forced to learn tricks, withheld food, beaten, and attacked by others in the cage. When humans are used in this scenario, it is thought of as inhumane, immoral, and cruel. When orca whales are substituted, it is seen as entertainment and a way to gain profit. For years, Sea…

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