Children Are The Most Common Victims Of Such Attacks Essay

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Have you ever walked your dogs around the neighborhood and a dog comes running towards you from someone 's front yard? Well, I have. . . Every time I walk my two small dogs. Although my two dogs are ready to fight, they don 't know that large dogs can easily kill them if I wasn 't with them. Not only are my dogs vulnerable to getting attacked, but so am I. This is a problem seen all through America, and on average 30 people are killed yearly by dogs in America. Among this number, children are the most common victims of such attacks. The irresponsibleness of pet owners not restraining their dogs is what leads to such problems in neighborhoods.
Dogs biting and killing smaller dogs, breeding, neighbors shooting loose dogs, dogs getting ran over, and children getting attacked are among some of the most common effects of having irresponsible pet owners. It is the most irritating feeling when my dogs are so happy to go for a walk, then I 'm barely 5 houses past mine when I see the first dog, this requires having to pick up my dogs and holding one in each arm while they are barking, going crazy, and a loose dog chasing me. Then, I have to walk for about five minutes with my arms asleep and scratches all over me from carrying my dogs. Luckily, most of the time the dogs are usually not much bigger than mine; however, there was a time when I was with my mom and I had both of my dogs and she started yelling to pick them up and within a second I had both of them in my arms and a big…

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