Children Are The Future Of The World Essay

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Children are the future of the world, they are they are going to be the leaders of tomorrow and are going to make choices that will directly affect our generation. They are important because of this. Children are pliable so it 's up so us to mold them well and send them in the right direction. However, who specifically is going to mold these children? At six to eight hours a day, five days a week, teachers are positioned to become one of the most influential people in a childs life. After their parents, children will first learn from their teachers. "Ample qualitative research shows that a single teacher can shape the course of a young person’s future, for better or worse,” says Jerusha Connor, an education professor at Villanova University. Teachers have a massive influence on children which is why teachers are so important. Anyone who can read, write or solve an equation, knows who to thank. So much of what we know about the world comes from our teachers who equipped us with knowledge, skills and wisdom. Almost everyone has been impacted or influenced by a teacher they 've had in their lifetime. Teachers are important due to their influential factors. Teachers influence obviously the curriculum the students are learning and how they learn it, they also influence children by creating strong relationships. Because they posses this great power to influence, They can impact how much students will learn. In a 2012 study, The RAND Corporation, a leading research nonprofit,…

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