Children Are More Influenced By Parents Essay

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Years ago children used to spend most of their time with their parents. They worked with their families on the farm, in a shop, or learning their father’s trade. Girls worked along side their mothers, helping with household chores, doing laundry, helping with younger siblings and cooking and baking. Most children were also schooled out of their own homes and so children saw their parents all day long. it was easy to be apart of their children’s life and to have influence over them. Now, children enter day care or early pre-school and are in school all day long. At first children are more influenced by parents when they are young but become more influenced by their friends as they get older unless parents make a major effort to be a part of their lives.

Children are more influenced by their parents at a young age because they spend more time with them. Atticus is always making an effort to be a part of his children 's lives. He spends lots of time with his children and teaches his children a lot. “You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view . . . until you climb into his skin and walk around in it”(Atticus). This teaching moment from Atticus to scout majorly influences her for the rest of the book. She learns this important moral of understanding a person instead of judging them from the outside. In the middle of the book she struggles to practice this moral of living in sympathy and understanding for others. In the end of the…

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