Children Are Like Wet Cement Essay

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“Children are like wet cement. Whatever falls on them makes an impression” (Ginott, 1972). Many people in our society believe a single traumatic event can have lasting effects on even the youngest of children. In this paper, I will look at how a child, more specifically, Amarika, can display a varying range of reactions after exposure to a traumatic event.
Core Concept Reflection of Case Study
The National Child Traumatic Stress Network Core Curriculum on Childhood Trauma Task Force created twelve core concepts for understanding traumatic stress responses in childhood. The fourth core concept is “children can exhibit a wide range of reactions to trauma and loss (NCTSN Core Curriculum on Childhood Trauma Task Force, 2012). It is commonly believed that young children are unaware of the significance of traumatic events; however, this paper will address how a child as young as 18 months was impacted by a tragic event and how young children may ask for help when they do not have the words to do so.
Amarika is an 18-month-old African American girl who was present when her mother, Makisha, was shot. Makisha was an innocent bystander caught in gang crossfire. After the shooting, Amarika was primarily cared for by her 15 year old aunt, Latanya, while her maternal grandmother, Marlene, spent most of her time at the hospital caring for Makisha. Marlene reports concerns with Amarika’s eating and sleeping habits as well as a significant increase in tantrums and separation anxiety…

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