Children Are Gifts And Our Future Essay

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Children are gifts and our future. The child is considered tapu and represents the atua and the tipuna. This concept of the child being special requires that the child be treated with great consideration. One important consideration that needs to be look upon is the quality of education and care they receive during their early years. The early years are the most crucial years for child development (Caroll-Lind & Angus, 2011). The increasing number of mothers joining the labour force, emerging understanding on the benefits of early childhood participation and the move to promote social equity among children of diverse backgrounds are some of the reasons for the growing need to provide quality early childhood curriculum for the youngest members of our society. (Ceglowski, 2004). This paper will critically analyse the different stakeholders’ perspectives of quality and examine the advantages and challenges of self-review in promoting quality among early childhood education (ECE) services.

Quality is usually defined as an attribute of services that ensures efficient delivery of normative outcomes (Moss & Dalhberg, 2008). It is complex and values-based (Ebbeck & Waniganayake, 2003; Farquhar, 2012). It is also seen as the essential components of early childhood environments which supports the well-being, rights and development of the children which are valued by the society and supportive of their whanau functioning (Smith, Grima, Gaffney, Powell, 2000). The complexity of…

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