Children Are Being Affected By The Parents Essay

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A big problem that children in blended families struggle with is that there isn’t much communication between the biological parents with the teachers of the children. When the teacher touches basis with one parent and would think that the parent would tell the other but they might not be communicating because of problem between them. The article from the Oregonian, Back to School for Blended Families 101: Parents, stepparents will be tested by Heidi Williams, talks about how parents struggle to keep tabs on everything that is happening at school with their children. Another issues that the article talked about was how if both parents were remarried that there was a lack of communication between the two parents about the child. “The parents likely couldn’t problem-solve them, when they were married, so I can’t really expect them to now” (H. Williams, 2014). This is an issue because the children are being affected by the bad communication between the two parents. This issue is something that we find in almost all the blended families because parents struggle to work together and the struggle of them not working together was maybe a reason that they aren’t together anymore. I know of a family that both parents are remarried and there was abuse when the parents were together. One of the kids saw and experienced some of the abuse so as the child has gotten older they are showing traits. But there isn’t much communication between the parents because of all the past issues that…

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