Children Are Absent From School Essay

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Claire is in tenth grade and lives at home with her single mother and two sisters. Her mother works long shifts, takes care of her children, and tries her best to help them be satisfactory students. However, her children are absent from school several days for many different reasons. She has received a few phone calls from the school and each time she provides them with some reason as to why her kids have not been attending school. Unaware of the serious consequences, she keeps the kids home from school once again. This time, she is relieved that the school has not called her. Little does she know, a letter is on the way to her house that will prove she has taken things too far. The children are now considered truant and the mother is being threatened with charges. She has received a court date in which she will be given not only another chance to explain herself, but also her required punishment. Many cases, such as this one, are seen on a daily basis. There are several things, however, that many people are very uniformed about when it comes to law and the courts. There are more than one type of court, each required for different cases and criteria. The standards for these rules and regulations have been formed over the years, often influenced by several differing factors, such as controversial court cases.
State courts deal with most of the issues that need some sort of judicial assistance. This level of court was established to separate state problems from federal…

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