Children, Animals, And Animals Essay

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Children and Animals
In the world that dominated by human beings, animals’ living spaces are arbitrarily decreasing and their quality of life is being negatively influenced. This disappointing situation is not only caused by the rapid urban expansion, increase in population, and enormous natural resources exploration, but also is derived from human’s alleged sense of superiority over animal. Those people believe humans’ lives are much more valuable and meaningful than those of animals, and animals’ innate social role and function is to make human live better. For them, animals are the pets helping people to survive loneliness, the live sceneries in the recreational places, the food physically fostering people, and the tools for achieving wealth. These understandings of animals’ lives seem to be rational, incisive and practical, but, in fact, they reveal people’s contempt for and disrespect towards animals, as lively vigorous creatures. Has this biological condescension been existed since people are born? There is no unequivocal answer to this question. However, it is undisputable that the development of those scornful understandings are pertinent to the environment in which an individual grows, the education regarding animals he/she receives, and the social value the community conveys. These elements raise other several questions: before growing up mentally and receiving animal education from both parents and society, what perspectives do children have regarding animals’…

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