Children And Young People May Be Looked After Away From Their Families

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Within this assignment I will be outlining why it is that children and young people may need to be looked after away from their families. I will also be discussing the procedures involved in taking children into care. I will also be discussing what a care order is and how, why and when they are put into place. I will also be discussing and explaining the different reasons and scenarios that could result in a child having a care order put in place. I will also be discussing the different rights and responsibilities the parents of the child have once there has been a care order put in place.
When a child is being taken into care there are procedures and rules that have to be followed before the child can be put into care. The procedure that needs to be followed to be able to put a child into care entails firstly a letter before proceedings which the local authorities send before court proceedings when they are worried about the care a child is receiving, this letter is usually the last notice for the Childs parents that if they do not follow instructions then the child can be taken into care. The next step in proceedings is the pre-proceedings meeting, this is what the letter that you have been previously sent will tell you that you need to attend, at this meeting you will talk about the changes that the parents need to make in relation to the care they are giving their child and the support that the local authorities are offering in order for these changes to happen. If the…

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