Essay Children And Sex Offender Registry

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After the loss of Jacob Wetterling, age 11, who was taken by a masked man and never found, the Jacob Wetterling Crimes Against Children and Sexually Violent Offender Registry Act required states to create Crimes Against Children and Sex Offender Registry programs. Now the Sex Offender Registry is a registration and tracking system that collects data on over eight hundred thousand sex offenders in the United States. From the East to West coast, these offenders are required to register their name and current whereabouts along with other information mandated on a state to state basis. This information is used by the public and officers to keep civilians safe from sexual predators. Requirements of the sex offender registry are placed into three separate categories for the level of each crime committed. “Tier 3 is comprised of any violent sex criminals sometimes referred to as sexual predators, tier 2 includes those involved in sex trafficking, distributing child pornography or non-violent sexual contact with a minor, tier 1 includes lesser sex crimes, like voyeurism, lewdness, or non-violent sexual contact with anyone over 18… the punishments vary widely between states--from fines and counseling, to life in prison. For example, penalties for indecent exposure can range from a 1000 fine or 10 years in prison, depending on if children saw the lewd act, and in which state the crime was committed.” (Test Tube News) The placement of sex offenders in these levels is completely…

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