Children And Rationale Of The Girl 's Fine Motor Essay

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Theme: Insects
Activity Name: Pattern Worms
Activity category: Math, fine motor
Area of room: Small table
Focus of Children and Rationale:
According to common core children in Ms. B’s kindergarten class must learn one to one correspondence and be able to build simple patterns. Some students enjoy building with Legos (e.g. James, Malik, and Parte). Some girls like to use Legos to build a pretend houses and color coordinate blocks together. Although, the girl’s fine motor skills are more developed, the boys do not seem to have trouble building structures. Jillian, struggles with one to one correspondence an identifying colors. Both sexes are at an age where they are eager to learn new content and learning is fun to do.
We will prepare a pattern worksheet and give the children a limited number of yellow, blue, purple, and green 1” cubes/manipulatives. Teacher will model the first problem. The children will build a “Worm” with the cubes displaying AB, ABC, and AABB patterns, which correspond with the number listed on the left. For example, make a worm that has 6 cubes and uses two colors, identify the type of “Worm” you made (AB, ABC, or AABB).

Goals and Objectives:
Children can practice following written and verbal directions, one to one correspondence, and building and identifying patterns. Children will use social skills to take turns using different color cubes and requesting materials from peers. Children will practice fine motor skills by snapping cubes…

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