Children And Internet Essay

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Rebecca (Liping) Zhang
Mrs. Heesch
British Literature (B3)
4 May 2016
The children and the Internet
With the development of the society, the progress of the technology, the internet became popular in the 21st century. The Internet, with its strong momentum in the global information revolution set off a frenzy, brings people into an era of the ever-changing network. The internet is convenient, fast,and flexible. It has changed people 's traditional way of thinking, it helps a lot in the life. People can sit at home read online books, just like at the library; within a few seconds, people can receive emails, they don 't need to wait for a few days to get a letter, also, people can know what they want to know in the shortest possible time through
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It cultivates critical cognitive processes, which by definition makes you smarter” (MD, 43). The internet can make the children became smarter. Children are digital natives, they were born in a world that almost covered by the internet. Furthermore, their brains are better suited for the internet. On the other hand, that the researchers found that “there are more than 80% of the apps under the heading “education” had been developed for children” (MD, 146). Thus, the children start using the internet when they are very young, and they keep explore the advantages of the internet, they can use the internet to know the experience of others to make themselves be better. The children have the curiosity, only the internet can satisfy their curiosity, to make them know more about this world, and become smarter than those children who do not use the internet.
However, the impact on people’s network is huge. People live in an age of the internet. The internet affects people 's lives today, it’s changing people’s view of the world. From what has been mentioned, people can draw the conclusion that the internet is good for the children, because firstly, it can develop human’s personality, what’s more, it can let children learning knowledge online, they don’t have to worry about the school is too far or other issue, last but not least, the internet can make children see more things that make them able to protect themselves better. These points are strongly

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